Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Branson Hospitality and Victorian Homes

For the thousands of travelers that choose Branson, Missouri as their travel destination, attracted to the music, theaters, and arts that the historic town has to offer, lodging becomes a major focus. Since the climate of Branson, MO is slightly above average in temperature that people are used to in the Mid-Atlantic portion of the United States, many tourist desire such features including indoor pools and recreation.  Surprisingly, there are very few Branson hotels indoor pool in this town, however the one that does feature an indoor pool also happens to be the highest rated and most exquisite lodging offering in Branson.
Tourists and travelers most often choose to stay at Victorian-era homes on their vacations due to the fact that they are attracted to the character and historic setting that these homes provide. 
Built during the middle and the late 19th century, the name “Victorian” actually represents a British and French trade of designing architecture after reining monarchs.  The Victorian era in architecture thus refers to the rein of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.  The Victorian era in architecture in North America were most commonly built during 1860 and 1900.  One of the major differences and beauties of this type of structure is they were built to withstand damaging winds and harsh weather.
Taking in the unique beauty and specific history of the town of Branson, MO, the town had built some of the historic buildings that are today used to host tourist visiting the local town and contributing to the local economies.  These buildings were naturally built before the era of swimming pools.  This concept was not even a thought, especially in the originating country of the United Kingdom, as rivers, bays, and oceans were used for temperature relief and recreational swimming pleasures.
It was not until the more modern era of architecture and home building in the United States that swimming pools and other recreational structures and features were added to lodging sites across the country.  In fact, the Branson Carriage House Inn is the only Branson hotel that features an indoor pool.  This popular feature helps set this facility above the rest of the options in the immediate area of Bronson, MO.
While the Victorian era dates back to more than 100 years, the beauty and appreciation for this style of building is still very much respected today.  Tourists often flock to a specific city or town to take in the natural beauty of these structures and observe how the structure presents the town’s history and heritage.